[MEX] Chihuahua State

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[MEX] Chihuahua State

Bericht door calrog » di 29 apr 2008, 0:18

Hi Autosnelwegen!

Over the weekend, I crossed the border into northern Mexico. (In Chihuahua state, specifically.) Here is a 360-degree photograph from the small border town of Palomas:

http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/tmp/2804 (Apple Quicktime required)

This is Federal Route 2 leaving the international crossroads at New Mexico.

In Mexico, road-naming convention is unique. How so? One route number can contain several "branches". Imagine a mainline highway called Route 2. There's a spur off the road in a rural area. That spur is also known as Route 2 -- no other special title is given. :schrikreactie:

The following video shows Route 2 signage, via overhead gantry, near Palomas:


(This video was taken last year. Route 2 signage is best viewed during the first few seconds of the video.)

In all, Palomas is an interesting haven for those wishing to experience Mexican border towns w/o all the rush and crowds. It's a great place to visit in the spring before 40C temperatures arrive in the summer. To reach Palomas, take Interstate 10 into New Mexico and take a half-hour drive along southbound State Route 11 to reach the destination.


Carl Rogers
Worldwide Highway Library

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Re: [MX] Chihuahua State

Bericht door RW-A29 » di 29 apr 2008, 18:50

You have a nice website! :blauweduim:

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Re: [MX] Chihuahua State

Bericht door Hensepens » di 29 apr 2008, 21:39

Naar aanleiding van een opmerking op zijn site begrijp ik dat wij viatologie bedrijven. :?

Eindelijk, na al die jaren kan ik deze aandoening een naam geven. :yes: