Terms and conditions of this forum (in English)

De FORUMREGELS, en opmerkingen over dit forum

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Terms and conditions of this forum (in English)

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The terms and conditions which are applicable to this internet-forumservice can be read in this thread.
These terms and conditions are known as "the forumrules"; in Dutch "de forumregels".
Here you'll find the status of this forumservice for the law, and how is being dealt with violations.
Above that you'll read what is forbidden or obligatory, and some guidelines for the most enjoyable usage of the forum services.

1. Main conditions

1.1 Internet-forumservice
The roadforum (Wegenforum) is a internetservice under Dutch law. The internetservice is free of charge for registrated users. The service is open for everyone who registers and accepts the terms and conditions.

A registered forumuser will be called 'user' from now on .
The information as being posted by a user will be viewable for other users and will not be selected by the domainholder nor the forumadministrator(s).
Information will not be changed by the holder of the domain; although forumadministrators and moderators can decide to delete certain information in case this information is a violation of Dutch laws and jurisdiction, e.g. discriminating and/or unethical writings or images, or any material which is being copyrighted.
The holder of the internetdomain accepts in no way any liability for the content of postings of individual users.

1.2 Polemics

Main purpose of the roadforum ("Wegenforum") is to make polemics and discussions possible on the profession of road and traffic, and everything directly related to these subjects. The Dutch copyrightlaw, article 15a, thus will grant the user the right to quote relevant newsitems (within the constraints of law and jurisdiction).

1.3 Using the Wegenforum website, registration and user-profile
a. Accepting the terms and conditions
Registration to this forum automatically means the user accepts all terms and conditions, also when changes or additions are being made after the registration of this particular user. Checking of possible changes of the terms and conditions is the own resposibility of the user. When you don't accept the terms and conditions any longer, you have to remove your user account instantly. However specialist professionals are the main target of this forum, registering is also open for non-professional road enthousiasts.

b. Liability
The user accepts all liability for the publications and information given in his/her own posts by making a registration to this forum.

c. Cookies
The phpBB software used to power the Wegenforum makes use of socalled "cookies" (little bits of information stored on your computer). By using the Wegenforum, with or without logging in to a user account, you agree to the use of those cookies.

d. Prohibited usernames
Usernames not containing latin characters, or usernames containing an asterisk (*) or at-symbol (@), or usernames which contain the words 'beheerder', 'admin' or 'webmaster', as well as usernames with too much similarity to existing usernames or forum terminology, can be removed by the forumadministrator without further notice.

e. 'Homepages' in the userprofile linking to incorrect sites
It is prohibited to link a 'homepage' to a spamsite, or a site which can be described as pornographic, rascist or obscure.
Violation will lead to sanctions against the user.

1.4 Restrictions by law
The conditions in 1.1 to 1.3 imply the own responsibility and liability of the user in case of violation of laws and jurisdiction. Users violating laws and jurisdiction can face regulations by a forumadministrator, as meant under 1.5 and 1.6.

1.5 Regulations implied on users
Temporary c.q. permanent removal of users and/or posts can happen:
a. in case of violation of specific prohibitions as meant in paragraph 2;
b. in case of discriminating remarks, unneassesary insulting or flaming ;
c. in case of registration under more than one username;
d. in case a user isn't behaving properly after being warned or having been given specific directions bij a member of the forum staff;
e. in case a user violates copyright law - see rules 2.1.a and 3.5.

In case of 'undesired behaviour' of a user, measurements can be taken to restrict the facilities offered to the user, but still keep open the possibility of posting content. E.g. not being able to show an avatar, to use a post-caption, to use PM-functions, a degradation in rank, etcetera.

1.6 Right of a forumadministrator on useraccounts and user-bans
An administrator (or a moderator with sufficient rights) can and may always - without giving any notice - temporarily or permanently refuse, deactivate, remove and/or block a user account, or ban a useraccount or IP-adress.

1.7 Language
In this forum Dutch is the language to use. Usage of other languages than Dutch is forbidden. An exception is granted for foreign forum users; they may use English or German. Usage of bReEzAh-language and other specific expressions or wordshortening, as often seen in sms-messages or on chatboxes, is strictly forbidden. Don't use badinating non-words like "duh!". Keep in mind forumusers are from the Netherlands and from Flanders (Belgium) and avoid using dialects. If you ever make a remark to the usage of language of another user, do it always respectfully.

1.8 Copyright licences and the photo-contest
a. Nominations for the photo-contest may only be sent by email
Only images sent by the photographer or the copyright-holder will be nominated after being sent as an email-attachment to foto[at]autosnelwegen.nl

b. Image-licence
Everyone sending pictures by email to the domain of Autosnelwegen.nl (i.e. to take part in the contest) grants automatically a licence under Dutch law to the domainholder of Autosnelwegen.nl/Wegenforum.nl/Wegenwiki.nl to publish or distribute these pictures on a non-commercial basis, as well as the right for the domainholder of Autosnelwegen.nl/Wegenforum.nl/Wegenwiki.nl to give a similar non-commercial licence-right to third parties.

1.9 Representation of the Wegenforum and Autosnelwegen.nl
Illegal representation and misbehaviour during meetings can lead to actions against the user as decribed under 1.5, apart from legal actions.

a. Representation by and in the name of the domain holder
It is forbidden to act in the name of http://www.wegenforum.nl (the Wegenforum) to other organisations, or to promote http://www.wegenforum.nl , without prior permission of the domain holder, for example by using banners on other websites.
Only the domain holder, olr someone who has explicit written permission by the domain holder, will speak in name of http://www.wegenforum.nl (the Wegenforum) to other parties. It is strictly forbidden to impersonate yourself as the domainholder (for example when organizing a meeting or in contacting third parties).

b. Behaviour at a meeting
At a meeting it is expected a user strictly obeys all rules being applied by the organisation (e.g. a road agency and/or a building contractor) where the meeting takes place. Do realize you are a representant of the Wegenforum and that connections with numerous organisations can be severely harmed by not obeying rules, and by robbery or vandalism.

2. Primary terms of usage

2.1 Restrictions by law
An administrator and/or a moderator can take actions against a user who posts information which is not permitted under specific laws. Discussion on these measurements is forbidden, and can result in further measurements as meant under 1.5 and 1.6.

a. Copyrighted content
It's forbidden to 'quote' complete articles from newsmedia. It's also forbidden to quote newsarticles when it's not on the purpose of conducting a discussion based on the quoted text.
Publication of copyrighted content (such as MP3's, book- or songtexts, fonttypes or "Warez") or asking for this type of content is strictly forbidden.
When a copyrightholder thinks his/her rights are being violated by posted content of a user, please contact a forumadministrator. This can be done via the forum, and also by email: contact[at]autosnelwegen.nl . The administrator will, if the accused violation is proved, take direct action in removal of the specific content. Users who have committed unlicit plagiary on works of others can be affected as well, although editing of existing work which has no other purpose than to start or contribute to a polemic discussion is granted in certain situations. For example showing an image of an edited version of an online map (while mentioning the source of the original map), in order to explain a choice for a road tracé. In that case it is lawful quoting.
In case the forum admin is hold liable for a user infringing copyright, user data (like emailadress of IP adresses) will be transferred to the copyright holder if necessary.

b. Discriminating, hate provoking and/or pornographic content
Actions will be taken against remarks which in this ways can be sensed as provocative.

c. Off-topic posts.
In order to maintain an efficient professional polemic discussion on roads and traffic the administrators and moderators can remove or relocate (to the 'Wegrestaurant') posts and content which don't comply to this main purpose.

d. Doubleposting
When a user is doubleposting content of him/herself or another user, this post or doubled content may be removed. Not only to keep te forum readable, but also for using the right to quote no more often than necessary.

e. Spreading of SPAM
When a user spreads SPAM by registration and/or using the forumservice, actions as descibed under 1.5 and 1.6 can be taken against that user.

2.2 Private messages service
Using of the private messaging service (PM) is an extra function of the forumservice to make direct contact between forummembers possible. What matters content the same rules apply to PM's as to normal contributions to the open forum.
In addition for PM's users must be very detached to open publication of PM-content - here the same laws are applicable as for emails concerning secrety.
An administrator can take action as meant under 1.5 and 1.6 against a user, when the user:
a. violates the secrety of a PM content;
b. uses PM to promote websites or products.

2.3 Avatars and post-captions.
Avatars and post-captions are extra functions of the forumservice, and can just as the PM-function be blocked for users not obeying the rules.
Animated avatars or captions are forbidden. In case an administrator finds an avatar too disturbing, it can be removed. If the user in reply installs (nearly) the same avatar, actions can be undertaken against the user as meant under 1.5 and 1.6.
An image in a caption must be small - for indication purposes: the hight of 2 userbar.com-bars is critical. In case an administrator finds a caption-image too disturbing, it can be removed. If the user in reply installs (nearly) the same caption-image, actions can be undertaken against the user as meant under 1.5 and 1.6. When a caption is to big because of the size of the characters, pitch and/or the number of white lines can be altered.
It is forbidden to advertise using your avatar or caption. If you do so, usage of this forumservice will be denied. Users who even after having these measurements taken still advertise in any illegal way on this forum, will be removed.

3. Guidelines for enjoyable usage of the forum services

Everyone on this forum should feel good by using this forum. It thus is important all users follow the guidelines in this paragraph. Users not obeying the guidelines can be faced with restrictions in the facilities the forum offers, as meant under 1.5.

3.1 Respect your fellow forumuser
This is very important. Do realize that a human being is behind another screen, who is more than a name on your screen. Treat your fellow forumuser just as you want to be treated yourself. React ontopic with content-related arguments, don't insult him/her personally for writing his/her thoughts down. Respect the point of view of another and leave eachother in your worth.
New users shouldn't earn respect, they have a right to get it from you. Even if they don't know exactly how everything works on this forum (the "unwritten rules" for instance). We all make errors in the beginning; leave new users the chance to learn instead of burning them down. If someone stays irritating after a while, you can always choose to inform a moderator or administrator instead of trialling him/her in public.

3.2 Guideline for a subject
The subject for an ontopic thread should be about roads or traffic, or something nearby, such as for example cityplanning or the policy on mobility in general. Pick the right subforum for your post, and watch first whether a thread about the subject already exists. Also ask yourself if your subject is interesting for other users at all. Perhaps you should send a PM... ?
If you want to say anything more off-topic, please post it in the "Wegrestaurant".
Don't post your message in more than one subforum. If your message is worth reading, other users will surely find it.

3.3 Guideline for a reply
Replies must consist of more than only smilies or emoticons.
Short messages without new content aren't appreciated as well.
Be on-topic. Do you want to go off-topic, start a new thread.
The forum is not a chatbox. Don't react as a lunatic to every message you see. Try to bundle your reactions in one post and don't make a tennisgame out of a forumthread...
Kicking or bumping threads up by posting an unsignificant post is also not appreciated.

3.4 Moderation actions in case of doubleposting
Moderators have complete rights to remove, close, split and/or merge threads on a subject already discussed in another thread, to keep the discussion efficient. Don't start a discussion every time they do it. Perhaps you'd better think why they must do it and what you can do to avoid it from happening.

3.5 Avoid copyright accusations
As a forumuser you are legible for the content you publish in your own postings. To avoid lawful accusations, please keep to the following guidelines when quoting:
1. When quoting a newsarticle, give also your own opinion about the quote in order to start a discussion. The forum is not meant to be a news-database;
2. Don't quote news-articles completely. Integral coverage is forbidden by law. Quote only what is reasonable necessary to conduct a discussion;
3. When quoting a newsarticle, make sure to mention the source and, if known to you, the name of the text-writer;
4. When the newsarticle is published on the internet, please make a clickable deeplink to the page involved;
5. When you quote a possibly copyrighted image (inline linking by [img]-tags), make sure you don't publish nor host the image itself, but put the original location of the image between your tags. If you host an image yourself (homepage or storageprovider such as Imageshack) make sure you have the rights to do so. You could easily be accused of violating copyrights;
6. When you show an image (inline linking by [img]-tags) and you know who has the rights to the picture and/or the name of the photographer, make sure you mention his/her name.
Remind the domain-holder of Wegenforum.nl is just offering you the forum-service for free (as mentioned under 1.1), en you will always be legible yourself for your own postings and content. In case of a judicial verdict concerning content you contributed to the forum, the domainholder will give your IP-adress to the authorities.

3.6 Please articulate your postings in correct and easy readable language
Read your post over before you submit it. A reply marked up with dots, comma's, spaces and capitals is so much more inviting. Inaccurate, unclear and unpunctual posts often invoke other reactions than you had in mind, viz. the resentment or indignation from other users.
Avoid replying only in CAPITALS; on the internet this is equal to shouting. (=UNNECESSARY USE OF CAPITALS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS !!!!!!!!)

3.7 Don't curse and don't use street/fence language
It is not necessary to curse; read your posting over again before you submit and the feeling of injustice and/or anger will probably be already less prominent in your mind. Try to convince others with arguments, nut by using some damned curses. Cursing testifies of a lack of respect to another and can hurt someone else, even when not on purpose. Also without the 'help' of curses and dooming words you must be able to make your point, aren't you ? In case you really can't abdicate, use some ***

3.8 Don't inflict unrest on the forum
Don't cause conflicts. Nobody benefits really when two or more forumusers are virtually going to fight. Don't play on the person. Cursing is a sign of weakness and lack of strenght. Ignore the user you've got troubles with, and count more often from one to ten, before you submit your reply. Don't place little bombs intentionally on the forum, and think twice about what you're posting and why. Even without the intentional infliction there is enough action on the forum.

3.9 Use personal messages (PM) or email when points of view lay miles apart
When having a serious personal disagreement, please don't fight it out on the open forum. Try to make it out together by PM or email (if need be ICQ/MSN). The open forum is a public place and personal encounters of serious disagreement don't belong there.

Last but not least: the Dutch version of the terms and conditions (Forumregels) ALWAYS prevails above this translation.