[CH][I] grensperikelen Chiasso / Como

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Re: [CH][I] grensperikelen Chiasso / Como

Bericht door exroosje » do 02 aug 2012, 16:45

I can remember it being quite easy taking the last exit before the border, crossing the border in the city Chiasso/Como and getting on the autostrada at the first exit again.

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Re: [CH][I] grensperikelen Chiasso / Como

Bericht door Pino » do 02 aug 2012, 17:26

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Re: [CH][I] grensperikelen Chiasso / Como

Bericht door Jeroen » do 02 aug 2012, 18:46

Pino schreef:
Coen Tunnel schreef:There is only one lane available at the border crossing, so traffic jams can be expected at the border crossing and not beyond the border crossing.
Still, Vinny makes a fair point where he points at Rekkem. That is also a busy border crossing and it seems to operate well at only one lane per direction for ordinary vehicles. So maybe the single lane is not the key issue here as I suspected, but something in what Vinny calls the "procedure".
I haven't got the stats, but based from my own experiences I'd say the Rekkem border crossing carries way less traffic than Chiasso, so I think it's not too suprising that are hardly any jams there. There's much traffic towards the two cities on both sides of the border towards Lille and Kortrijk but not that much actually crossing the border. Which might be partly caused by the language barrier, which doesn't exist at Chiasso/Como.

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Re: [CH][I] grensperikelen Chiasso / Como

Bericht door Vahalis » ma 06 aug 2012, 10:55

Ik ben hier twee weken geleden langsgekomen, in zuidelijke richting. Er stond een korte file voor de grens. We werden in twee rijen doorgezwaaid. Dit leverde na de grens geen problemen op op het enkelstooks stukje. Liep goed door. De file werd duidelijk veroorzaakt door de grenscontrole.