Road trips in Europa (en daarbuiten)

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Allan C
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Re: Road trips in Europa (en daarbuiten)

Bericht door Allan C » zo 12 sep 2021, 21:52

Here my nice week-end in Switzerland:

- Over 560 km what I have explored
- I spent over €50,- (petrol)

I have arrived to Zürich at night over 9:30 PM (no stopping at rest area). But in A3 from Basel to Wettingen, I came across the road-works in the tunnel at night.
I've been to Sattel-Hochstuckli, and I did any activities on the mountains. I want to record the road along Ägerisee. I'm so lucky, because there are a nice sun and back, I have not crossed any rain. So, I'm so decided to go into Lake Aegeri at late afternoon.
I have not ran into any car with licence plate french in the far Switzerland (at Sattel near Schwyz). However, I ran into some German and Dutch licence plate in Sattel.
I wanted to go to Interlaken but it was raining in late afternoon...
In back to Vesoul (my home), the towards of the Zürich has a little traffic-jam in Ring Zürich at 4:00 p.m. I have followed the GPS & signs.